Swing Turnstile

Swing Turnstile (0)

Outside Housing Material 304 Stainless Steel Communication Interface RS485 communication, Less than 1200M
Dimension 1200*280*980(mm) Relative Humidity Less than 90%, non-condensing
Arm Length 210mm - 830mm Input Interface 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with a plus width>100ms, driving current >10mA
Working Volt AC220 ±10%V / 50 ±10% HZ
Working Temperture -10℃ ~ 50℃ Gate Opening and Closing Time 1-2 seconds
Drive Motor DC Brushed Motor (24V) Passing Speed 25-30 persons/min

Application Range

Station, Pier, Subway, Building, Intelligent Community, Hotel Clubhouse, etc. needing intelligent management of entering and exit.

Product Introduction

Swing turnstile series with innovate design, it extensive use in metro, school, office, scenic, gym, factory, residential, supermarket etc. Lt can support RFID, fingerprint, facial verification mode. Combine with infrared detector, temperature controller, can widely used in all kind of different environment Swing turnstile series can option the crash proof function, turnstile integrated angle coder and clutch, can protect the door while people or bicycle crash it

Functions and Features

1. Rainproofhousing, 304 stainless steel(or 316 stainless steel)

2. CNC stamping and laser drilling,presentinga novel and elegant appearance.

3. Innovative and unique mounting surfaceensures simple and convenient installation for system integrators.

4. Direction can be setas single directionor bi-direction.

5. Direction indicator.

6. Canbe used with variety of card readers: IC/IDcard readers, bar codes,fingerprints, etc. (Access controller needed)

7. Automatic reset function. Should the user fail to passwithin the preset time (default time is 5 seconds), thesystem will cancel the authority of the current user automatically;

8. Mechanical ant-pinch function. Ifthe gate meetsresistance in the reset process, motors will stop working automatically within the prescribed time and reset again after the default delay (till fully reset).

9. Anti-breakthrough function. The gate is locked automatically until opening signal received.

10. Gate can be set as normally openor normallydosed

11. Gate auto opens when power off and auto closewhen power on, complying with fire safety requirements.

12. Alarmfunction, in case of illegal intrusionand reverse intrusion, etc.