Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile (0)

Outside Housing Material 304 Stainless Steel Driving Current >10mA
Internal Structure Steel frame structure Working Noise Below 65 decibels
Working Volt AC220V±10V, 50Hz Waterproof and Dustproof More than IP32
Working Temperature -30℃~60℃
Maxmum Channel Width 600mm Relative Humidity Less than 95%, non-condensing
Passing Speed 60person/min Input Interface +12V level signal or pulse width >100ms DC12V pulse signal hydraulic shock absorbers can be freely adjusted for there turn of the turnstiles the open or close time of the turnstiles can be set
Turnstile Lifetime Continuous opening and closing of more than 400 million times

Application Range

Residential Area, Intelligent Building, Hotel, Subway, Port, Club....

Product Introduction

Tripod turnstiles consists of casing, magnetic force tum plate, reader module, main controller module, direction guide, limit switch etc, can be used for entrance control, applications like apartment, factory, museum, station and ferry terminal etc..

Together with intelligent card reader writer and management software, they are combined as intelligent tripod turnstile management system, can fulfill the functions like entrance control, time attendance, pedestrian volume control and tolling etc.

The equipment opens half- automatically, Mifare-1, IC, ID and Bluetooth are available to be used with the tripod turnstile.

Functions & Features

1. GB 304 stainless steel sheet metal forming,beautiful, durable

2. Brake lever steering: one way, two-way(optional)

3. Control mode: manual/ automatic (optional)

4. Can mount a variety of control devices: metal securitygate/IC card/ID card/ card/ barcode card, etc

5. Ultra quiet design: Mechanical design usingthird-generation silent, smooth operation no noise impact

6. Super bright passage indicator. directional design ofultra- bright LED lights to indicate a more eye catching

7. Automatic access function:the reader automatically run after the brake lever to unlock certain angle, automatically bring people through the gates

8. Access memory function: After several pedestrianscard, access gates opportunity to remember the number, until the entire passage of pedestrians closing

9. Power off the pole, the power from the bar features:gates automatically after power brake lever to facilitateevacuation fall to meet fire safety requirements; (automatic type)

10. Remote control: RS485 card can be accessed bycomputer or TCP to RS485 remote control gates

11. Automatic reset function: by credit card is notspecified, within the time gates back in situ cancel access