2.How to choose your bollard?


-- For simple warning, lower height & thinner tube is the best way to reduce the cost;

--If there is a need to protect the regulated area, Medium body size and wall thickness are the best option;

-- If it needs to stand high-impact stock, high security anti-terrorism bollards will be your best choice.


--If the controls are permanent, fixed bollards are the right choice;

--If it needs occasional open, removable and semi-automatic bollards are a better option;

--If the regulatory requirements are frequently used, mechanical and hydraulic automatic bollards is tbest choice;

--If really need to achieve high-frequency use, and rapid rise in emergency situations, Pneumatic is best option.


--Which is suitable for project? Keys, remote control or card reader ;

--Semi automatic & automatic bollard needs to be installed 1.2m underground;

--Hydraulic automatic bollard needs normal power; Pneumatic bollard just needs 24V soft power;

--Control station and pipe line is needed for Pneumatic bollard.